Faux Floral Designs for French Cottage Farmhouse Decor

Can you imagine recreating the feel of a cozy farmhouse nestled in the French countryside? Think feminine accents, soft colors, lace textiles, and vintage furnishings. The French farmhouse decor aesthetic mixes all the warm references of farm living with the quiet luxuries of French influence. 

Equal parts dreamy and grounded, French cottage farmhouse styling makes us want to float away, possibly with a glass of wine in hand.

So how do you incorporate artificial flowers and greenery into the mix?

Let’s chat about the best faux floral accents to seamlessly integrate into French farmhouse decor. We’ve also included styling inspiration, faux floral options, and project ideas, perfectly tailored to this design style. 

Understanding French and Cottage Farmhouse Decor

The French cottage farmhouse style is a wash of airy colors. It’s definitely different from the other farmhouse themes we’ve talked about previously.

Color palettes are soft, with muted cream, blue, lavender, and gray. Check out this cute home tour on Fox Hollow Cottage!

Floral accents add a necessary feminine touch, with romantic floral prints on delicate textiles. The pops of color from the arrangements just tie everything together.

Each element of this aesthetic is curated, with elegant simplicity that is equal parts aspirational and livable. Decor pieces look like they tell a story; as if they’ve been passed down through generations. 

Furniture is solid, aged, and often distressed, offering the space a weathered history. 

Comfort is of the highest order, with plenty of layered textiles, rugs, throw pillows, and embroidered accents. 

Finally, nature plays a large role in this aesthetic. Natural materials like wood and stone are common, with rustic elements like oven shelving, hardwood floors, and stone fireplaces. 

Spaces are light and airy, with large windows and plenty of floral arrangements to evoke the beauty of the French countryside.

A touch of deep purple - French Cottage Farmhouse Decor

Benefits of Incorporating Faux Florals

Flowers are a natural addition to French farmhouse decor, playing into the delicate, romantic elements of the aesthetic. 

Choosing faux floral accents is an easy way to play on this necessary floral motif, offering durable, year-round beauty with very little maintenance needed. 

Choosing the Right Faux Florals

French and cottage farmhouse florals should remain in a muted color palette, with romantic floral choices like roses, lavender, and peonies. 

A good mix of textured greenery will add to the charming, airy design, using a variety of faux greenery including ferns, lamb’s ear, eucalyptus, and olive branches. 

French Cottage Farmhouse Arrangement Guide

  • Soft colors – White, cream, lavender, light blue, seafoam green, pale yellow
  • Vintage, romantic florals – Roses, lavender, daisies, wisteria, peonies, hydrangeas, gardenias, forsythia
  • Silver-green foliage – Olive branches, eucalyptus, lamb’s ear
  • Practicality – Wildflowers, sage, rosemary
Deep mauve - French Cottage Farmhouse Decor

Styling with Faux Florals: Creating Cozy Spaces

French cottage farmhouse styling is all about consistency – adding small, beautiful floral touches throughout each room. 

Here are a few styling ideas for you to infuse your space with French farmhouse floral decor.

Living Areas

  • Add small potted arrangements of lavender, sage, and rosemary on side tables, bookshelves, or open shelving units.
  • Display floral arrangements in vintage teacups, made from tiny blooms like daisies, wildflowers, baby’s breath, or rosebuds.
  • Adorn an antique mirror with a garland of eucalyptus and white roses. 
  • Drape a lavender and lamb’s ear garland along your mantelpiece. 


  • Hang a rustic wreath made from peonies and textured greenery above the bed. 
  • Display hanging blooms by your window on fishing wire, with crystal accents that catch the sunlight. 
  • Create a soft bouquet of pastel roses, hydrangeas, and peonies to display on your dresser or side table. 
  • Hang a bundle of dried lavender above your closet door or doorway. 

Outdoor Areas 

  • String a garland of ivy or roses along your trellis.
  • Added pastel florals to vintage metal pots for conversation areas. 
  • Create a lush window box filled with lavender, daisies, wildflowers, and sage. 
  • Fill hanging baskets with romantic florals like trailing roses and wisteria. 
Photo of the outdoor area of a French cottage with a color palette.

DIY Faux Floral Projects

Ready to make DIY faux floral arrangements to match this dreamy aesthetic? Here are a few easy projects to try.

Pastel Bouquet

The most iconic floral arrangement is a simple, impactful bouquet. To suit the French farmhouse decor scheme, gather pastel florals within the same color palette for a classic, elegant approach. 

We like combining a couple of larger focal flowers like bulbous pink peonies and pastel hydrangeas. Then, accent these flowers with a smaller variety like daisies, baby’s breath, wisteria, or lavender.

For greenery, stick with blue or silver undertones like lamb’s ear and eucalyptus. Finish your bouquet with a practical, quirky element like faux sage. 

Rustic Wreath

For an easy, rustic wreath design, begin by choosing your focal flowers for the bottom corner of your wreath. We love lavender roses. 

Then, fill out your focal flowers with a variety of textured greenery. Choose greenery in a similar color palette in different shapes and textures. 

Finish your wreath with a few sprigs of lavender and rosemary nestled amongst the greenery. 

Trailing Garland

A garland is a fantastic design for this aesthetic because it’s whimsical by nature. Simply choose a neutral base and fill it in with the florals of your choice. 

We like the combination of lamb’s ear with freesia. 

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Maintaining Your Faux Florals

Maintaining faux floral arrangements is far easier than replacing fresh bouquets every week. Still, there are a few maintenance tasks to help keep your faux florals looking fresh and beautiful:

  1. Keep your faux floral arrangements away but water and humidity. 
  2. Dust your arrangements regularly with a soft, microfiber cloth to avoid buildup. 
  3. When necessary, clean your arrangements with a mild, diluted dish soap. 
  4. Store your arrangements in a dry, dark place away from direct sunlight. 
  5. Wrap your arrangements in bubble wrap or tissue paper to help keep them dust-free. 

Faux florals are a beautiful, practical way to enhance the aesthetic of French farmhouse decor; they give your space that final missing piece to bring each carefully crafted element together. 

We encourage you to shop our curated collection of faux florals that perfectly complement French and Cottage farmhouse styles. 

And if this aesthetic is not quite your cup of tea, never fear. We have a wide selection of flowers that will suit any design style of your choice!

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