Cherry blossom floral arrangement for interior decor.

Interior Design Style and Floral Pairings

Flowers are non-negotiable in any interior design style. 

No matter your aesthetic, there is a flower that will not only fit but also enhance the overall atmosphere and style of your home. 

The universal decor, flowers have been used in decoration for thousands of years. 

Dating back to ancient civilizations, floral motifs have adorned homes, celebrated events, and even paid tribute to the gods!

And this ancient design custom remains the most beautiful enhancement you can make to your space. 

Enter – modern floral arrangements and interior design!

In this post, I’m sharing how to make gorgeous floral arrangements for any interior design style, with arrangement ideas and floral pairings. 

From whimsical bohemian wreaths to sleek and minimalist bouquets, you’ll find natural pairings for your exact tastes. 

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style and Floral Pairings

neutral floral decor

You’ll recognize mid-century modern design by its clean lines, natural materials, geometric shapes, and minimalist aesthetic. 

Color palettes include burnt orange, mustard, teal, and clean whites. Warm-toned woods like teak and walnut are also emblematic of the era. 

Minimalist Design

Simple, minimalist arrangements look at home in mid-century modern homes. 

Try natural pairings like orchids in a minimalist pot, a statement monstera plant, or air plants in glass geometric terrariums. 

Single branches made from cherry blossom or willow are also very effective. 

Greenery + Wood

Accentuate warm wood tones in a room by creating a simple centerpiece featuring walnut or teak planters. 

Display faux succulents or air plants in wooden planters or on wooden planks. The design is simple and deliberate, playing on the geometric shapes of the greenery. 

Retro Sunflowers

For a bit of color, fill a vase with lush, faux sunflowers. The yellow adds a vibrant, retro vibe to the room without looking too busy. 

Japanese Influence

The mid-century modern design style has an important Japanese influence. 

Celebrate this with an “ikebana arrangement.” This Japanese floral art features long lines and a minimalist aesthetic. 

Gather single stems of calla lily, iris, and bamboo in an asymmetric vase. 

Industrial Interior Design Style and Floral Pairings

industrial interior design floral arrangement

Raw and unfiltered – the industry aesthetic draws inspiration from factories, lofts, and warehouses. 

Key elements include concrete flooring, steel beams, exposed brick, and rugged accents. 

In these spaces, flowers can bring a welcome balance to a space, providing natural beauty, life, and warmth.  

Monochromatic Arrangements

When choosing florals, opt for single-variety arrangements or a collection of monochromatic blooms. 

Roses, calla lilies, and sugarbushes add a nice contrast to their rugged surroundings. 

Display these gorgeous blooms in industrial-style vases, made from copper, concrete, or galvanized steel.


A bold, single-stem design makes a statement in an industrial space, like a flower emerging from the concrete. 

Try a simple sunflower, anemone, or ranunculus

For an equally minimalist approach, you can create a small bundle of single-variety faux foliage in a slender vase. 

Olive branches, eucalyptus, or bare branches add a chic touch. 

Simple Succulents

Succulents are a natural choice for an industrial style; highlight this modern plant by adding them to concrete planters or metal pots. 

You could also add faux herbs like mint or rosemary for a bit of texture. 

Hanging Wonders

Industrial spaces are revered for their gorgeous open concepts with high ceilings and exposed beams. 

In other words, they’re the perfect place for hanging faux flower arrangements!

Hang wire baskets or metal buckets filled with assorted foliage, spider plants, and bare branches

Finish with accents of foxglove, delphinium, or grape hyacinth

Embracing Nature

I love adding charming bits of nature throughout an industrial space in unexpected ways. 

Pairing rustic planters with soft and whimsical florals provides a super fun contrast. 

Create textured bouquets of wildflowers, branches, and dried grasses to display throughout your space. 

For a bold approach, use a hollowed log as a planter, filling it with dahlias, bluebells, and clematis

Bohemian Interior Design Style and Floral Pairings

bohemian design floral arrangement

The bohemian aesthetic is invigorating and eclectic, playing on freedom and maximalism. 

Boho styles love natural materials, working with bamboo, rattan, and wicker. Expect vibrant colors, plenty of patterns, and an abundance of plant life!

Eclectic Bouquets

The best part of a bohemian style is its lack of rules and structure; your creative drive is free to fly!

Make eclectic bouquets filled with color and textures, with blooms like wildflowers, baby’s breath, peonies, hydrangeas, and lilies.

The goal is to look dreamy and beautiful without trying too hard. 

Hanging Macrame

Macrame is a necessary part of the bohemian style. 

Hang lush faux greenery like pothos, hoyas, or monstera deliciosa in macrame plant hangers for a DIY appeal. 

Dried Bundles

Bundle faux-dried flowers for a nostalgic beauty, hanging bouquets above doorways, on walls, or set in funky vases. 

Combine a variety of textured materials like lavender, chamomile, mini roses, and eucalyptus.

Thrifted Containers

To achieve that effortless, bohemian style, I suggest thrifting a variety of vintage containers, from wooden crates to tea cups, to intricate brass vases. 

A variety of shapes in a cohesive color palette will add gorgeous design to your space. 

Fill them with a variety of wildflowers, pampas grass, English daisies, and more. 

Faux Floral Garlands

Draping materials in quintessentially bohemian, from tapestries to curtains, to canopy textiles. 

Play on this effect with gorgeous floral garlands draped over mantels, canopied from ceilings, or used as a creative room divider. 

Farmhouse Interior Design Style and Floral Pairings

farmhouse design floral arrangement

Homey and charming, the farmhouse design style welcomes guests into a space, feeling warmed by a crackling fire and cozy decor. 

Simplistic and rustic, a farmhouse design has a rural quality emphasized by wood features, neutral colors, and natural fibers. 

Other signatures include barn doors, shiplap walls, and plenty of warm quilts. 

Farmhouse Containers 

Get creative with your container choices, creating designs from rustic bitches, mason jars, and repurposed wooden crates. 

Fill them with casual blooms like lavender, daffodils, daisies, and dahlias

Other cute options include sunflowers, peonies, and rosemary – anything that looks like it came straight from the garden!

Artful Cotton Stems

Cotton Ball Stems are stand-alone-beautiful, especially when added to a woven basket or galvanized metal bucket. 

Neutral Palette

Keep your color palette neutral and charming. 

Add white roses or tulips to a tulip vase for a monochrome design. 

Dried wheat makes another pretty choice, binding stems with ribbon and adding them to a neutral vase. 

Rustic Hangings

Hanging floral arrangements like a simple eucalyptus garland can add a sophisticated elegance to your home while staying true to the farmhouse aesthetic. 

I also love hanging rustic wreaths, made from country blooms like sunflowers or baby’s breath

Highlighted Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are stunning flowers that speak for themselves. 

Add a few stems to a vintage container for a beautifully understated centerpiece. 

Minimalist Interior Design Style and Floral Pairings

creating tranquility using color psychology

Minimalism is a fast-growing aesthetic championing the simpler things. 

Key aspects include a neutral color palette, clean lines, and lack of excess. Design choices are mainly functional, with small bouts of beauty to highlight the space. 


Faux flower arrangements in singular colors look most cohesive in a minimalist home design. 

Use white calla lilies, dyed roses, or black anemones in simple, geometric vases. 

Oversized Bloom

For a striking statement, choose a single-stem flower with an oversized bloom like a bulbous peony or large sunflower

Add them to a slender vase to emphasize the drama!

Vertical Beauty

To suit the clean, minimalist lines, choose floral arrangements with long stems. 

Gladiolus, orchids, and delphiniums all emphasize long lines. Choose one to highlight in a single-variety bouquet, or try combining one with greenery for visual interest. 

Glass Terrariums

Clear glass perfectly fits the minimalist aesthetic, letting the beauty of faux flowers and greenery shine on their own. 

Add miniature arrangements to glass hanging glass terrariums, highlighting small succulents, air plants, and roses

Clean Branches

Cherry blossoms, birch branches, and natural fruit branches add an unexpected beauty to a space. 

Choose branches with small amounts of foliage and combine them in a tall base for a statement display.

Retro Interior Design Style and Floral Pairings

gold leaf bunch in a dark vase, sitting on a modern glass dining room table.

A “retro” aesthetic combines several iconic eras for a fun and adventurous design scheme. 

While focussing on a singular decade can make your space appear dated, gathering inspirations throughout the 20th century creates a highly curated, personal aesthetic. 

Some common elements of retro design include bold colors, floral motifs, glamorous accents, and nostalgic references. 

‘60s Florals

For a bold, ’60s-inspired arrangement, try a colorful collection of carnations, chrysanthemums, dahlias, and daisies

Choose a brightly-colored vase that matches your color harmony for a joyous addition. 

‘70s Warmth

Earth tones were popular through the 1970s, with ample odes to the natural world. 

Arrange an earth-toned design made with warm sunflowers, marigolds, and yellow-green foliage

Art Deco Glamor

Simple and elegant, retro art deco arrangements have a unique glamor. 

Create a high-contrast design, adding long-stem white calla lilies to a black vase with gold accents. 

Retro Futurism

Emulate the retro-futurism style with clean white blooms in sleek glass or metal vases. 

Tulips, lilies, and roses all make lovely options for this fascinating combination of the past and future. 

Disco Accents

Bring on the glitter!

A disco-inspired faux floral arrangement requires a statement metallic vase paired with brightly-colored flowers. 

I love the combination of gerbera daisies, anemones, daisies, and textured wildflowers

Interior Design Style and Floral Pairings

Time to Create! Floral Pairings for Your Dream Interior Design Style

When you have a strong home aesthetic, each element must contribute to the overall atmosphere. Otherwise, it’s going to stick out for all the wrong reasons!

With these floral pairings, you should have all you need to create fitting floral arrangements for any home design style. 

Now, get creating!

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