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Winter Garland Ideas and More

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! With frosted branches, winter blooms, and falling snow, one can’t help but be inspired by the natural world. 

And you can bring a bit of this wintery nature into your home with a little DIY decor using faux greenery and florals!

While it may be a bit too chilly to bask in these outdoor snowy delights, winter garland DIY projects can transform your space into a winter wonderland – picture snow-kissed pinecones, ripe red berries, and velvet bows to tie it all together!

In this post, I’m sharing gorgeous season garland ideas featuring faux winter flowers, nostalgic odes, frosty greenery, and magical twinkle lights. 

Whether you’re decorating for the holidays or simply welcoming the upcoming winter solstice, I’m including garlands that will suit any home and wintery aesthetic.

flocked garland for winter decor

Long-lasting Winter Decor: Advantages of Faux Garlands and Flowers

Colder days and impending holidays signal super busy social calendars. In other words, you probably don’t have time for high-maintenance decor!

Luckily, faux garlands and flowers won’t require maintenance through the season. Simply create, decorate, and enjoy throughout the holidays!

The top benefits of choosing faux materials over fresh-cut materials include:

Alana from Greenery Market home styling with a faux garland.
  • Low-maintenance – No watering, pruning, or re-planting necessary! Faux garlands and flowers are prepped for the season as-is. 
  • Versatility – There are endless projects that you can create with high-quality faux florals and greenery, from wreaths to garlands, to centerpieces. 
  • Weather-resistance – While fresh-cut flowers definitely are snow-proof, faux floral arrangements can be if sprayed with the proper sealant!
  • Availability – When it comes to winter, there’s a lot less variety for fresh flowers. Luckily, faux florals don’t care what season it is. You can choose from any of your favorite flowers, regardless of seasonality. 
  • Allergy-friendly – If you suffer from pollen, grass, or other allergies, faux materials are the best option for your nature-inspired decor. 
  • Long-lasting – When treated well, faux floral decor has a long lifespan. Fresh-cut flowers only look their best for a few days!
  • Environmental impact – Using faux materials reduces the need for consistent watering refrigeration, transport, and other practices used in the production of fresh florals. 
  • Cost-effective – If you’re buying high-quality faux materials, they’ll likely cost you more upfront than fresh materials. However, based on the long lifespan of faux materials, you’re going to save money in the long run. 

Captivating Winter Garlands: Ideas and Inspiration

There are so many ways to decorate your home with winter-inspired garlands, made from gorgeous faux flowers and sparkly accents!

Use these winter garland ideas to inspire your next project. 

flocked garland for winter decor

DIY Winter Garland Projects: Adding a Personal Touch

Decor is all the more special when it means something personal to you and your family. I love the idea of making a winter garland with personalized elements for an extra special sentiment. 

Some personalization ideas include:

  • A favorite color scheme
  • Symbolic florals
  • Monogrammed initials 
  • Family heirlooms
  • Odes to nostalgia like rustic bells, velvet ribbon, and mandarin oranges
  • Ornaments that represent you or your family members
  • Small framed photos 
  • Infusing materials with essential oils or fragrance
  • Including foraged materials from your neighborhood
  • A meaningful theme

Here are some amazing garland bases to start your design.

Now let’s check out some inspiration!

Orange Slices

This simple winter garland idea from House of Jade includes a nod to simpler times by pairing an orange-slice garland with a string of wooden beads. 

The effect is understated, homey, and perfectly comforting.

Brass Bells

bells and garland

I love the way these antique bells are incorporated into this winter garland, especially when paired with an elevated silk ribbon. 

The garland has equal parts nostalgic charm and contemporary elegance.

Snow-kissed Beauty: Incorporating Faux Winter Flowers

While winter isn’t exactly known for its blooms, it holds its own when it comes to flowers. I love using a mix of seasonal florals and year-round staples to decorate winter garlands. 

More than anything, the color palette is a necessity when choosing faux florals for your design. 

berry garland centerpiece

Find inspiration in bright whites, moody burgundy, and holiday red shades. 

Some of my favorite faux flowers for winter designs include:

Frosty Elegance: Creating an Icy Ambiance with Faux Greenery

simple vase with winter themed decor

When crops are spare and branches are bare, we rely on the beauty of frosted nature. 

Including bits of frosty elements in your faux winter garland ideas adds a touch of realism to your fantastical creations!

When creating your winter garland, try including a mix of plain greenery along with frosty elements. 

My favorite winter greenery for seasonal decor include:

Frosted Berries

frosted berries decor

Create a beautiful winter centerpiece with frosted or flocked berries mixed with greenery stems.

Adding in a few sprigs of pine can add texture to the arrangement.

Incorporate some branches for a whimsical touch to your design. Place the entire arrangement in an elegant bowl or vase for a finishing touch – perfect to display on any holiday table!

Time to Create! Winter Garlands and Other Ideas

And with that, you’re ready to create your very own winter decor!

I hope you’ve found these winter garland ideas useful in incorporating a bit of seasonal beauty into your decor plans. 

Whether you have a preference for the nostalgic and pastoral or prefer a modern design with minimalist elements, you can add a touch of wintery elegance to your home with these designs.

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