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Decorating with Faux Geraniums

We recently talked about summer patio party decorating. We mentioned faux geraniums as a great option.

So, let’s talk about one of our absolute favorite summer flowers to decorate with, geraniums.

These beauties are like the unsung heroes of the floral world. They’re classic, colorful, and oh-so-versatile. Whether you’re popping them into vases, containers, or wreaths, they always add that perfect pop of summer charm.

lantern with faux geraniums and potted faux geraniums on a front porch

What do Geraniums Symbolize?

It just makes sense after you read through the meanings that geraniums are the perfect flowers to design with when it comes to p

1. Friendship and Companionship

Geraniums are often associated with friendship and camaraderie, making them the perfect choice for bringing people together. Whether you’re hosting a summer soirée with your closest pals or simply enjoying a quiet evening on the patio with loved ones, geraniums are a symbol of the bonds that unite us.

2. Balance and Harmony

In the language of flowers, geraniums are said to represent balance and harmony. Their vibrant blooms and lush foliage bring a sense of equilibrium to any space, creating a serene atmosphere where guests can relax and unwind.

3. Joy and Positivity

With their cheerful colors and sunny disposition, geraniums are a symbol of joy and positivity. They remind us to embrace the simple pleasures in life, to bask in the warmth of summer’s embrace, and to find happiness in the little moments.

4. Protection and Security

In some cultures, geraniums are believed to possess protective qualities, warding off negative energy and evil spirits. Placing geraniums around your home or patio is said to create a safe and secure environment, ensuring peace of mind for you and your guests.

The Geranium and Sunflower Combo

summer patio table decorated with a garland of sunflowers and faux geranium

Doesn’t this combo of vibrant faux red geraniums and sunny sunflowers look amazing?

It’s like a match made in floral heaven!

Another option is to arrange them in rustic baskets or mason jars for a charming centerpiece that screams summertime. The best part? You can easily swap out the sunflowers for other blooms to change up the look whenever you want.

If you’re feeling extra crafty, consider adding some faux greenery like eucalyptus or ferns to give your arrangement a lush, garden-fresh feel. And don’t forget the finishing touch: a few sprigs of baby’s breath for that extra dose of whimsy.

Trust me, your guests will be swooning over your floral design skills!

Patriotic Perfection

With their bold red hue, geraniums are the perfect choice for adding a patriotic touch to your patio decor. Pair them with some crisp white accents and pops of blue for a look that’s all-American and oh-so-stylish.

patriotic decorative flower arrangements - faux geraniums

Think red geraniums in white-washed wooden crates, adorned with blue ribbon or mini American flags. It’s a festive twist that’ll have your guests feeling downright patriotic.

To really take your patriotic theme to the next level, consider incorporating some DIY elements like painted mason jars or burlap table runners. You could even create a fun photo booth area with props like Uncle Sam hats and sparklers for your guests to enjoy. The possibilities are endless when it comes to celebrating in style!

Where to Buy Faux Geraniums

The Greenery Market has beautiful geraniums available. Whether you’re looking for sprays, potted, or bushes. Many of them are pictured in the design inspiration photos above.

greenery market logo

Start transforming your home today with high-quality faux florals and greenery from Greenery Market. Explore our collection for inspiration and discover the perfect pieces to complement your traditional modern aesthetic.

And there you have it, friend! With just a few faux geraniums and a sprinkle of creativity, we’ve taken our patio party decor to the next level. So go ahead, break out those crafting supplies, and let’s get to work. Summer is calling, and our patio is ready to shine!

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❤️ The Greenery Market Team

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