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Seasonal Floral Arrangements: Easy Fake Floral Swaps

Seasonal floral arrangements are one of the best ways to celebrate the passing months, welcoming new seasons with a flourish of color and natural beauty!

With this being said, it can get expensive to source flowers throughout the year with ever-evolving decor. 

In this post, I’m sharing how to make a basic floral arrangement that you can dress up through the year with seasonal decor. 

Discover smart swaps to easily decorate for seasonal beauty, with gorgeous faux flowers, changing greenery, and season-specific extras. 

Plus, learn my tips on cost-effective seasonal faux floral decoration to save you money while filling your home with fresh designs!

How to Make Seasonal Floral Arrangements 

The majority of faux floral arrangements follow a specific creation formula, no matter the occasion or season. 

Lucky for us!

We can use this basic formula to build a foundation that can take you through the year – with some seasonal adjustments, of course. 

Here’s how to get started:

Materials Needed

  • Pot or vase
  • Floral foam
  • Spanish moss
  • Year-round faux greenery 
  • Hot glue
  • Wire cutters
  • Seasonal extras!
2 photos showing a floral swap to decorate for different seasons

Create a Universal Base

Begin by creating your universal base. This is going to be the foundation for any seasonal wonders you add later on!

  1. Grab a vase or pot in a neutral color that will suit several color palettes. Think about something that could potentially fit a color palette for all four seasons; I recommend a cream or brown shade.
  1. Next, measure out a piece of florist foam to fit snugly into your base. You could hot glue this foam in for a permanent structure, or forgo this step in case you’d like to re-purpose the base later. 
  1. Then, lay a thin layer of Spanish moss over the foam to disguise it. I recommend not gluing this down; Adding hot glue can make it tricky to stick your wire stems into the foam. 
  1. Now, choose 1-2 varieties of universal greenery to add as a base. A good rule of thumb in faux floral design is to use a minimum of 3 types of greenery for a textured, realistic design. You’ll add 1-2 types of season-specific greenery later on. Good examples of universal greenery include:
    • Ferns
    • Boxwood plants
    • Eucalyptus
    • Ivy
    • Faux grass
    • Pruned topiaries
    • Succulents
  1. Dip the stems of your chosen greenery into hot glue and stick them into the florist foam. The idea is that you give yourself enough greenery for easy decorating later on while leaving plenty of room for seasonal touches. 

And with your base complete, you’re ready to decorate some lovely seasonal floral arrangements!

Swap for Fall

Fall is all about warm colors, changing leaves, and natural accents. Here’s how you can update your arrangement for autumn:

  1. Include fall foliage throughout the design, using varieties in various stages of decay to help transition from green to orange. Good choices include maple leaves, eucalyptus, and oak leaves.
  1. Include autumn flowers like chrysanthemums, sunflowers, goldenrods, and daisies. Stick to a warm color palette to best encapsulate the season. 
  1. Add seasonal decorations including:
    • Mini pumpkins
    • Pinecone picks
    • Faux berries
    • Twigs, branches, and pussy willow
    • Wheatgrass

Remember when adding these elements, don’t secure anything with hot glue; these are temporary additions that will be swapped out in a few months. 

Swap for Winter

When the mornings are positively frosty, it’s time to decorate for winter! Pop out your autumn additions and add these fun elements:

  1. First, decide on the color palette. For a Christmas-focused arrangement, I recommend a warm and cozy color harmony complete with reds, greens, and browns. For something more universally winter, opt for an icy palette with blues, whites, silvers, and grays. 
  1. Include a couple of varieties of winter greenery like cedar, cypress, holly leaves, and eucalyptus. Choose one type that has a bit of frost or powdered snow. 
  1. Next, add winter faux florals like poinsettias, amaryllis, pansies, or snowdrops.
  1. Finally, integrate fun seasonal extras like:
    • Icy branches
    • Mistletoe
    • Berries
    • Snowflake picks
    • Sparkly floral or greenery picks
    • Pinecones 

Design tip – Think about elements that you can reuse across seasons, like pinecones, for cost-effective design. 

light bright floral decor

Swap for Spring

At the first signs of spring, defrost your winter arrangement with these gentle spring touches:

  1. Include filler greenery for a whimsical, spindly texture. Spring suits many types of faux greenery, a few being ferns, ivy, eucalyptus, and faux grasses. 
  1. Spring is truly all about the flowers! Include an abundance of pastel-colored blooms to welcome this cheery season. Some of my favorite spring blooms include:
    • Daffodils
    • Tulips
    • Hyacinths
    • Peonies
    • Ranunculus
    • Cherry blossoms
    • Wildflowers
    • Baby’s breath
    • Lilacs
  1. Finish your arrangement with sweet elements like faux butterflies, glittery flowers, or even a bird’s nest – anything that reminds you of a spring garden. 

Swap for Summer

The warmest months are often celebrated with an abundance of color and sunny accents! Here’s how to transform your base into a summer paradise:

  1. Add tropical greenery fit for an island paradise. Choose between palm leaves, ferns, and other lush greenery for a summery feel. 
  1. Next, add faux florals in bright and bold colors! Some ideas include:
    • Orchids
    • Birds of paradise
    • Lilies
    • Hydrangeas
    • Sunflowers
    • Gerbera daisies
    • Hibiscus
    • Peonies
  1. Finally, think about exciting extras to take your summer floral arrangement to the next level. Think thematically and seasonally. For example, a beachy design may include beach grass, jute ribbon around the base, or seashells. For a sweet and bold design, you could include faux fruit for even more color! 

Tips for Cost-Effective Seasonal Faux Floral Decoration

Creating stunning seasonal floral arrangements shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg. In fact, it can be an incredibly cost-effective way to decorate your home throughout the year.

Here are my top tips for making faux floral arrangements without breaking the bank:

  1. Design in neutral color palettes that look in-season all year long!
  2. Make a versatile base design and swap out season extras throughout the year.
  3. Use faux florals and other elements that move from season to season. For example, sunflowers transition from summer to fall and tulips transition from spring to summer. 
  4. Invest in quality materials that will last longer than a single season. This way, you can use them year after year. 
  5. Buy faux florals and greenery in bulk to save on cost.
  6. Take care of your materials! Store all materials in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight to ensure that they last. 
  7.  If an element isn’t quite fitting the season, you can always make small adjustments like dusting greenery with faux snow. 
  8. Make repairs as needed to prolong the life of your arrangements. 

Time to Create! Seasonal Floral Arrangements 

Seasonal floral arrangements are a wonderful way to decorate and encourage you to create throughout the year. 

It’s the perfect creative outlet – one that gets you excited for the changing seasons as you craft your seasonal designs!

Use these seasonal design ideas to spark your craft, discovering clever ways to take a simple design through the seasons with just a few adjustments. 

Now, get creating!

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