spring ribbon pairing guide

2024 Spring Ribbon Pairing Guide

One of the most common pain points we’ve heard about with multi-ribbon bows is pairing and coordinating colors and patterns of wired ribbons.

With the arrival of the 2024 spring season, a new palette of enchanting colors and captivating patterns awaits your artistic exploration.

But fear not, friends! Greenery Gossip’s got your back. We’ve already narrowed down some of our favorites and will be unveiling our spring and summer ribbon pairings picks. What’s even more amazing is that we’ve already bundled them over at our shop in the bow bundles collection. So if you see sets aka bundles you love make sure you snag them over at Greenery Market!

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2024 Spring Color Palette

Get ready to jazz up your spring bows with vibrant colors that capture the essence of the season. When it comes to choosing the perfect color palette for your spring-inspired bows, there are unlimited options that can add a touch of elegance, a certain statement you’re looking for, whimsy, or even a very simplistic look to your creations.

Pastel shades are a classic choice for spring, with their soft and delicate hues reminiscent of blooming flowers. Think of pale pinks, lavender (very hot this season) baby blues, and mint greens to bring a sense of freshness and femininity to your bows.

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that the 2024 Pantone color of the year is…Peach Fuzz. It’s a soft, light color peach color that fits perfectly into the spring color palette. If your looking for peach wired ribbons for your DIY bows we have quite a few to choose from. Our peach silk flowers collection has been super popular since the announcement of peach fuzz.

But what about bright hues for spring? Don’t be afraid to experiment with very vibrant and lively colors. Spring is all about celebrating nature’s awakening, so why not embrace it with bows in bold yellows, bright oranges, and very saturated purples? These bright shades will instantly catch the eye and bring a cheerful and energetic vibe to your creations. This coming year we are foreseeing many bright and vibrant colors on trend for every season and holiday, even Halloween and Christmas.

If you prefer a more earthy and natural feel, opt for bows in earthy tones. Think of light browns, soft creams, and even mossy greens to create a sense of grounding and tranquility. These colors can be paired with floral prints or bright hues for a unique and sophisticated combination. Burlap and jute are always a great natural go to when you are struggling to find a simplistic ribbon. The new burlap net style wired ribbons are hugely popular for shabby chic and farmhouse style decor.

Want to learn more about color theory? Check out these posts!

2024 Spring Patterns

Embrace the beauty and intricacy of the season with these captivating spring patterns for your bows. Incorporating multiple patterns into your ribbon selections can add a touch of elegance and sophistication or a bit of fun whimsy to your creations. Your pattern selection can completely change up your bow or designs look. Don’t be afraid to try pairing bold, new patterns together. We often suggest trying the four P’s if you are just learning to pair multiple wired ribbons together. The four P’s in our bow making recipe are choose a print or patterned, then choose a coordinating plaid or stripe, then a polka dot, and last a plain (a solid) matching anchor color. This is our go to choosing method time and time again. If you try this simple diy choosing recipe let us know if it helped you.

Floral prints (would be your pattern of the four P’s) are another must-have for spring bows. Incorporating prints with blossoming flowers, whether it’s roses, daisies, or tulips, will instantly add a whimsical and romantic touch to your designs. These prints can be combined with pastel shades for a delicate and feminine look, or paired with bright hues to create a bold and eye-catching contrast.

For a more subtle yet playful look, opt for pastel stripes. These soft, muted colors are reminiscent of springtime and can be paired with other patterns or solid ribbons to add depth and dimension to your bows.

Polka dots, on the other hand, bring a sense of fun and whimsy to your creations. Whether you choose large or small dots, this pattern adds a cheerful and youthful touch to your bows.

Plaid or checkered patterns offer a timeless and versatile option for spring bows. The symmetrical design creates a sense of balance and can be paired with both bold and neutral colors. We are seeing a lot of plaid and check in textiles trends.

Lastly, abstract designs provide a modern and artistic touch to your bows. With their unique shapes and bold colors, these patterns can make a statement and add a touch of contemporary flair to your creations.

Incorporating these spring patterns into your bows will bring a fresh and vibrant look to your designs. Whether you choose to mix and match patterns and prints or stick to one, these captivating patterns will surely make your bows stand out in the crowd.

Spring Ribbon Pairing Ideas for Multi-Ribbon Bows

Indulge your creativity with Greenery Gossip’s exquisite ribbon pairing ideas for crafting stunning multi-ribbon bows.

When it comes to creating bows, incorporating floral accents can add a touch of elegance and femininity. Consider pairing a soft pastel ribbon with a floral patterned one to create a beautiful spring-inspired bow. The combination of delicate colors and floral motifs will surely capture attention and bring a fresh, blooming feel to any gift or décor.

Spring Ribbon Bundles

Classic Spring Palette
Americana Spring Palette
Bold Spring Palette
Berry Spring Palette
Deep Spring Palette
Medium Spring Palette
Warm Spring Palette

To add depth and texture to your bows

Try mixing different textured ribbons. Combine a smooth satin ribbon with a grosgrain or velvet ribbon to create a visually interesting and tactile bow. The contrast between the different textures will make your bow stand out and add a luxurious touch to any project. Our favorite velvets for using year round, even spring, are Farrisilk ribbons. You can find Farrisilk wired ribbons in the Greenery market shop. Have you ever tried making a monochromatic bow, all the same colors, but different textured choices?

Pattern and texture mixing

For those who dare to be bold, mixing patterns AND textures can create a unique and eye-catching bow. Pair a striped velvet ribbon, a polka dot satin, a chunky glittered solid, and a gingham canvas ribbon for an over the top, higher end, playful and whimsical look. The key is to choose patterns that have complementary colors or similar design elements. This way, the patterns will harmonize and create a cohesive and visually pleasing bow.

A little glamour

To add a another touch of glamour and sophistication to your bows, don’t forget to incorporate metallic touches. Consider using a metallic ribbon as an accent or layering it with other ribbons for a chic and glamorous effect. The metallic sheen will catch the light and add a touch of elegance to any bow.

That’s a wrap!

In conclusion, the 2024 spring ribbon pairings for bows offer an exquisite blend of colors, textures, and patterns that will add a touch of color to any gift or decor.

With Greenery Gossip’s expert advice, you can create multi-ribbon bows that are both stylish and on trend. By adding a trendy bow to a lamp post, wall fixture, wreath, or lantern you can change up the look of your space with little effort.

Embrace the vibrant hues of the spring color palette and explore the endless possibilities of ribbon combinations.

Let your creativity shine and make a statement with your own diy beautifully crafted bows.

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