Outdoor floral design using cool colors.

Cool Palettes for Calming Floral Design

A cool color palette is a flip of the coin – on one side, it’s tranquil, peaceful, and connected to the natural world. On the other hand, it’s sterile and sometimes feels out of place. 

Luckily, we can control these odds with a little knowledge of color theory! 

Knowing how colors interact and affect the world around them can propel us into amazing creations. And today, I’m talking all about cool color flower arrangements. 

In this post, you’ll learn how to work with cool color palettes, create your own cool color harmony, and explore stunning flower pairings. 

I’m also sharing the allure of cool-toned arrangements, with tips on how to best highlight cool color floral decor in any space. 

What are Cool Colors?

So, what is a cool color in floral design?

On the color wheel, cool colors refer to blue, green, and purple hues, including most variations of them.

Depending on the undertone, neutral gray and white also tend to be cool-toned. Cool-toned colors have significant blue undertones, giving an icy effect to cool neutrals. 

cool palette floral design

Some common cool colors include:

  • Blue –  The ultimate cool color, blues are cool-toned by nature in all forms, from light to dark shades. 
  • Purple – Purples with heavy blue undertones like periwinkle or lavender are especially cool-toned. 
  • Green – Blue green tones from sea foam to sage, to eucalyptus veer cool, though many variations of green are warmer. Ask yourself if the green is more influenced by blue or by yellow. If your answer is by blue then the green is most likely a cool green.
  • Turquoise – An equal parts vibrant and relaxing combination of blues and greens. 
  • Cyan – Cool, bright, and refreshing blue-green. (think Caribbean ocean)
  • White – Clean white or icy whites best complement other cool tones. 
  • Gray – Grays with ample blue undertones are considered cool-toned.

The Appeal of Cool Color Flower Arrangements

There is a reason why so many are drawn to the tranquil shades of cool color floral arrangements. 

Gentle blues and seafoam greens calm the mind and body. At least, this is what color psychology tells us. 

Typically used in day spas, yoga studios, and even dental offices, these colors should amplify feelings of relaxation. 

Flower designs that use a cool color palette are used to promote calmness, restfulness, and relaxation throughout the home, often found in bedrooms.  

blue and silver ribbon and greenery stem pairings

Emotional Impact of a Cool Color Palette

A cool color palette evokes calm and stability at its best, though can be cold and sterile at its worst. Some examples of this emotional impact include:

  • Refreshment – Cool, calm waters, refreshing air, renewal
  • Seriousness – Reliability, professionalism, trustworthy
  • Stability – Dependable, consistent, reliable
  • Relaxation – Calm, stress reduction, peace, serenity, tranquility 
  • Severe – Cold, sterile, lifeless, despair
  • Isolation – Distant, isolated, detached 

Aesthetic Impact of a Cool Color Palette

Combinations of cool tones have their own aesthetic implications; these include:

  • Balance – Harmony, equilibrium
  • Inviting – Soothing, welcoming 
  • Timeless – Classic, enduring, elegant 
  • Expansive – Open, bright, light
cool colors - purple flower arrangment

Creating Floral Arrangements with a Cool Color Palette

Inspired by all this talk of cool colors? Use these steps to create a cool color palette for your next flower arrangement. 

I recommend using a Creative Color Wheel from Greenery Market to help you along the way. 

This handy tool will show you exactly which colors are cool-toned, with clear color harmonies, and labeled shades, tints, and tones. Its so much easier to have this handy tool in your hands to help you start to see and learn the warmth and coolness.

1. Choose Your Inspiration Color

Begin by choosing a single cool-toned color from your color wheel. This will work as your beginning color, choosing color harmonies and all elements with this starting point.  Maybe you have a specific, cool toned, silk flower in mind that you want to use in your DIY wreath or arrangement.

Maybe you will choose an icy blue, a pine green, or even a stark white. 

2. Develop Your Palette 

Next, develop your cool tone palette by creating color harmony. Choose a color combination that will work well with your inspiration color, then match these with corresponding cool-toned flowers. 

Try making an analogous or monochromatic color scheme. Analogous colors will be beside each other on the color wheel, while monochromatic colors refer to a singular hue in varying shades. 

3. Consider Texture and Contrast

A great way to stick with a consistent color palette while adding more visual interest is to play with texture. 

If you use flowers and greenery with varying textures, you’ll create visual depth to the arrangement, without straying from your original hue. This is especially effective in monochromatic combinations. 

Also consider contrast when making your palette, adding additional depth and interest to your design.

4. Prioritize Balance

Prioritize balance in your floral arrangement, evenly distributing your chosen colors to help your eyes move seamlessly through the design.

Balance is visually appealing and creates a story within your piece. 

5. Pick Cool-Toned Greenery

Set off your completed florals with some beautiful cool-toned greenery. Warm tones will likely look out of place against all of the serene blues and greens. Look for greenery that you see more blue and less yellow in the undertones.

Soft, gray greens and blue-greens will perfectly highlight your cool-toned floral arrangement. 

cool colors - green palette

Cool Color Palettes for Floral Arrangements

Need some more inspiration for creating your next cool color palette? Use these combinations and floral pairing as jumping-off-points:

greenery market logo

Tips for Home Decorators – Floral Design With Cool Colors

Whether you’re working on a cool-toned inspired commission or want to include more cool color palettes in your own home, there’s an art to decorating with these colors. 

Follow these tips on incorporating cool color flower arrangements into the home and how to match them to a given space.

Match with Ambiance

Creating serenity with color and decor

Cool tones match naturally with rooms of rest. Try displaying cool floral arrangements in bedrooms for ample relaxation, or in a master bathroom for a spa-like quality

These arrangements may look out of place in cozy living areas filled with warm-toned woods and rustic decor.  The other decor in the room is super important to determine whether your arrangement needs to be cool or warm. If you are a designer and working with a new customer one of the first questions to ask the client is what are the other colors in the room where this floral design is going.

Clean and tranquil aesthetics are much more fitting for cooler designs. 

Use Consistent Accessories

Remember that every detail counts when it comes to your arrangement. Ensure that all vases, ribbons, and other accessories fit within your established color scheme. 

Combine with Neutrals

Cool-toned arrangements look great when set against neutral backgrounds; this allows them to stand out, even in an understated design. 

Place your arrangement against white, gray, or off-white walls for the best effect possible.

Remember Lighting

We all know just how important lighting is. What can look bright and shining under one condition may look sickly and hollow in another. 

Think about the lighting in your chosen room and whether or not it will best highlight your arrangement. Your cool-toned design will likely shine best under bright, natural light, cool-toned light, or even dim lighting.

Warm-toned lighting will not do it justice. 

kitchen floral arrangement with purple flowers

Final Thoughts: Cool Color Flower Arrangements

Playing with a cool color palette opens up a range of exciting possibilities in floral design – from tranquil and calming, to rich and elegant displays. 

By using color theory, you can confidently create wonderful cool-toned flower arrangements, evoking the emotional and aesthetic responses of your choosing. 

I hope you’ve found this post useful in inspiring your next project, using the beauty of a cool color palette. 

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