Photo of the outdoor area of a French cottage with a color palette.

Unleash Your Creativity with The Greenery Subscription Box

Do you love to craft with faux greenery? You’re going to go gaga over this monthly special delivery, The Greenery Subscription Box!

This monthly subscription delivers an exquisite and coordinated selection of greenery and fillers right to your door. Whether you craft as a hobby or a creative business, these monthly goodies will inspire you to make gorgeous one-of-a-kind home styling pieces.

the greenery subscription box

What is the Greenery Subscription Box?

Subscription boxes have become popular in so many different industries, from pre-prepped meals to make up to pet gifts. Greenery Market curates The Greenery Subscription box with different themes in mind every single month.

The themes are thoughtfully crafted around a specific color palette to help you pair faux florals, ribbons, and greenery.

Check out this example from the December 2023 subscription box.

Photo of the outdoor area of a French cottage with a color palette.

Seriously, if you love Greenery Market’s quality greenery and love trying new styles you might just want to jump on the subscription box train. It takes the guesswork out of deciding what colors, tones, and shades pair well together.

Ultimately, it’s a time-saver! You can focus on designing, which probably what you prefer doing anyway, right?

Psst…it’s also a money saver! The monthly bundled collections include discounted greenery picks, sprays, and bushes.

Greenery subscription box bonuses?

Umm, bonuses are always fun! You get exclusive discounts and early access to promotions…and, AND you get first access to new bundles and products before the general audience.

How much is the subscription box?

Each month is $67.00 per box Shipping is $6.95 in the United States plus applicable taxes USD. This box will be an approximate 20% discount off our regular prices.

How often and when is the subscription box shipped?

Your box will be shipped approximately the second week of every month.

For more FAQs check out The Greenery Box subscription page!

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