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Home Styling with Faux Florals and Greenery

The beauty of nature will never go out of style. Home styling with faux florals and greenery allows you capitalize on this natural beauty for long-lasting home decor. 

Decorating with faux florals and greenery is an easy way to add personal charm to a home.

With brightly colored blooms and meaningful touches, you’re able to create faux floral designs that make others feel connected to a space – that’s the power of nature at work!

Ideal for interior decorators, home stagers, and homemakers, faux flower arrangements add the perfect finishing touch to any room. 

With endless styling possibilities, you can fill an entire home with faux flowers for extra brightness and life in every corner. 

In this post, I’m sharing the benefits of using faux flowers as home decor, along with exciting arrangement ideas for every room. 

small magnolia floral arrangement for kitchen home styling

The Benefits of Home Styling with Faux Florals and Greenery

Whether you’re staging a home as an interior designer or decorating for your own family, the benefits of using faux materials are plentiful. 

The Sustainable Choice

You may assume that fresh flowers are more sustainable than faux materials. But in fact, fresh flowers produce a more substantial carbon footprint, with higher levels of waste, water use, refrigeration costs, and transport. 

Using faux materials is an environmentally conscious approach. 

Cost-Effective Faux Materials

Fresh flowers can quickly eat up a decorating budget, especially when you’re constantly replacing them week after week. 

High-quality faux flowers may cost more up-front but will save you money over time, requiring just a one-time payment. 

Long-Lasting Blooms

When treated well, faux florals can last a lifetime – far longer than fresh flowers. 

For the longest-lasting arrangements, I always recommend investing in high-quality materials and using proper storage away from direct sunlight. 

Low-Maintenance Home Decor 

The beauty of a faux floral arrangement is that once you create it, there is very little maintenance. With regular dusting, you can expect a lasting, beautiful design. 

Fresh flowers require water changes, trimming, and regular care to keep them looking fresh. 

Zero Limitations 

When working with fresh materials, you’re immediately limited. Depending on the season and your region, you’re limited when choosing fresh flowers. 

With faux materials, you can access a plethora of flowers and greenery, no matter their seasonality. 

Endless Design Possibilities 

Faux florals come in just about every color and flower variety under the sun! And with it, there are endless design possibilities for using them in home decor. 

From seamless monochromatic designs to bright and cheerful pops of color, faux floral arrangements are versatile by nature. 

More than just table centerpieces, you can create exciting hanging installations, sconce bouquets, curtain accents, and more. 

Tall floral arrangement for elegant home decor.

Creative Ways to Incorporate Faux Florals in Home Decor

Using faux flower arrangements in home decor is an intuitive process – the right design will be in perfect harmony with the space.

With this said, there are several ways to use faux florals in the home; some of which you’ve probably never thought of before!

Here are some of my favorite ways to use florals and greenery in home design:

1. Faux Garlands

A garland is one of my favorite home decor floral arrangements for its endless versatility. 

Drape garlands as a table runner, along mantels, staircase railings, or over bookshelves. You can also weave a floral garland through a railing for a romantic touch. 

Start with a base garland and incorporate your favorite florals!

2. Terrariums

Glass terrariums make gorgeous year-round decor, hanging from the ceiling or used as a holiday ornament. 

Fill yours with faux moss, succulents, and teeny faux flowers for a small bout of nature. 

3. Rotating Wreaths

Floral wreaths are traditionally seasonal, making them an easy way to switch up your home decor throughout the year. 

Made for more than just the front door, wreaths look wonderful above a mantel, as a wall hanging, or framing a centerpiece on a table.

4. Centerpieces

berry garland centerpiece

A faux floral arrangement makes a wonderful centerpiece for any table, drawing the eye to its beautiful blooms and textured greenery. 

Add larger arrangements to spaces like dining tables and entryway consoles. Smaller arrangements suit side tables, coffee tables, and bookshelves. 

5. Wall Art

Faux flowers can quickly transform into a work of art, carefully arranged in a shadow box frame. 

You could even use sprigs of faux florals or garlands to highlight wall art, adorning frames with bits of natural elements. 

6. Floating Flowers

For a unique and whimsical display, add faux blooms to a glass cylinder vase, creating a floating effect with acrylic water. 

You can also add fun details like LED candles, pearl beads, and clippings of greenery for an elevated floral garden. 

7. Curtains

Curtains are a lesser-used yet super-effective space to incorporate faux flowers. 

Use flower-adorned ties to tie back your curtains or wrap a floral garland around your curtain rod; this design is especially lovely in nurseries. 

8. Mobiles

Using a hoop and fine fishing line, suspend faux flowers in a dreamy mobile. 

I recommend adding more details like beads and crystals that will catch the light from a nearby window. 

9. Light Fixtures 

Cleverly placed light has a special way of enhancing any faux floral arrangement. 

Try wrapping faux floral garlands through a chandelier or other hanging light fixture, bearing in mind to keep materials away from heat sources. 

Another option is to add flowers to lanterns lit with LED candles for a feminine, romantic addition. 

10. Table Settings

In my opinion, flowers are a necessity in any table setting. 

Add them to napkin rings, use them in table runners, and display them in an eye-catching centerpiece. This is the time to use flowers in excess!

skinny vase with tall faux greenery stems

Home Styling with Greenery: Design Ideas 

While often used to accent faux florals, greenery can stand on its own as a beautiful design choice. 

Ideal for making a space look lush and in touch with the natural world, faux greenery offers a low-maintenance solution to the houseplant design craze. 

These are some of my favorite ways to make greenery a conscious choice in home decor:

11. Shaping Wall Hangings

Greenery has a natural framing quality, especially when draped just right. 

Use greenery to frame wall art, with vines draped along the corners or circling a print. 

Additionally, you can hang faux greenery wreaths on the corners of frames, mirrors, or windows for an effortless design. 

12. With Light 

Wrap greenery through chandeliers, around LED lanterns, or within mason jars with twinkling lights for a botanical whimsy. 

13. Dining Table Runner

Faux greenery makes a simple yet effective runner. Use a simple variety like ivy for year-round decoration. 

Then, add seasonal extras throughout the year like faux flowers, holiday emblems, and twinkling lights to celebrate the changing seasons. 

14. Vertical Garden

The vertical garden trend is incredibly effective, filling an entire wall with lush greenery. The effect is soothing, bringing the outdoor world into your living space. 

For a twist on the trend, suspend greenery from the ceiling for a hanging garden, creating a feature wall or even a room divider. 

15. Greenery Canopy 

To maximize the comforting effects of faux greenery, create a hanging canopy from the ceiling, draping slightly to create a feeling of movement. 

A canopy would look especially beautiful when highlighted by natural light in an outdoor gazebo or below a skylight. 

This design creates a calming atmosphere, ideal for places of rest like bedrooms or nurseries. 

16. Floating Shelves

floating shelf home styling

For a natural illusion, cover floating shelves with a variety of faux greenery. 

This way, any candles or books you place on the shelves will appear cradled by leaves and vines. 

17. Garden Curtains

Much like floral garlands, you can adorn curtains with accents of greenery to create a tranquil atmosphere. 

Wrap greenery around curtain rods or allow them to fall naturally with the curtains for an airy design. 

18. Bookends

A subtle way to incorporate more green in home decor is to adorn bookends with bits of faux greenery; it’s a small tweak that contributes to the overall mood of a room.

19. Bathrooms Additions

If you’re looking to create a serene, spa-like bathroom, greenery is a natural addition. 

Include hanging planters, faux houseplants on shelving, and cascading plants from your shower head.

20. Greenery Bouquets

While flowers get most of the glory, you can create interesting centerpieces from greenery alone!

Gather a variety of faux greenery with varying hues and textures within a cohesive color palette. Then, combine them into bouquets to adorn tables, shelves, and more. 

Time to Create! Faux Floral Arrangements for Home Styling

With that, you should have the inspiration you need to include faux florals and greenery in any space!

The best part about decorating with natural elements is that every home can benefit from them. 

With every arrangement placed, you’re creating an atmosphere of your own design, elevating your home decor practice like never before.

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