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Artificial Floral Style Guide for Modern Farmhouse Decor

Modern farmhouse decor has become the new staple in home design, beloved for its neutral hues, inviting warmth, and mix between antique and contemporary influences. 

Functional and timeless, the modern farmhouse aesthetic is the lasting trend home decorators have been searching for – and decorating with artificial flowers is the perfect way to enhance this popular design. 

Faux floral design sets the tone in modern farmhouse spaces, enhancing each room with a touch of nature that the aesthetic demands. 

Today, we’re sharing how to use the power of faux floral design to elevate your modern farmhouse decor, with styling tips, floral suggestions, and room-by-room inspiration. 

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The Essence of Modern Farmhouse Decor

Modern farmhouse walks the lines between rustic charm and contemporary simplicity. It’s like combining a touch of old and new.

When you walk into a modern farmhouse home, you’ll be struck by its clean, cozy essence. The color palette is neutral and welcoming. 

You’ll notice vintage or antique touches like shiplap, oak furnishings, and reclaimed woods. Clean lines and metal accents balance this aesthetic for the perfect mix of old and new. Think Chip and Joanna Gaines’s Fixer Upper style.

Natural influences are another must, with a focus on wood, stone, natural fibers, and classic floral arrangements. 

Why Choose Faux Florals?

Decorating with faux florals is a great way to enhance your modern farmhouse decor, offering low-maintenance care, long-time enjoyment, and allergy-friendly beauty.

We love faux floral design because of its endless versatility, suiting any aesthetic or season that inspires you. 

Faux Florals for Modern Farmhouse Decor

Florals that best fit the modern farmhouse aesthetic are neutral in color, have textural variety, and fit the season, mirroring the natural world. 

They are also best accompanied by rougher accents like dried grasses and branches, contrasting with the soft floral beauty. 

Modern Farmhouse Arrangement Guide

  • Neutral colors – Muted green, soft pink, pastel yellow, cream, white
  • Monochromatic – One flower type in a monochromatic color scheme 
  • Charming florals – Wildflowers, lavender, hydrangeas, magnolia
  • Rough accents – Branches, dried grasses, succulents, cotton stems
  • Simple greenery – One variety like fern, eucalyptus, or boxwood

Styling with Faux Florals: Room-by-Room Inspiration

When incorporating faux floral design into your home, you’ll want to make sure nature puts its stamp on each room for a cohesive aesthetic. 

Living Room

  • Add a garland of eucalyptus across the mantel.
  • Include small potted succulents on bookshelves or side tables. 
  • Display a focal arrangement of hydrangeas or magnolias in the center of your coffee table. 
modern farmhouse design kitchen


  • Add a long and low mixed-greenery arrangement along your dining room table.
  • Include a bouquet of wildflowers and lavender in a sleek vase on your kitchen island. 
  • Display small boxwood plants or succulents along your windowsill. 
modern farmhouse design bedroom


  • Add a neutral vase of white or cream florals on your nightstand. 
  • Include a large, potted plant on the floor, near a window, or against a dresser for a touch of nature. 
  • Display a vase of faux hydrangeas or peonies on top of a dresser in a light, calming color palette.
modern farmhouse design bathroom


  • Add small accents of lavender, eucalyptus, or single-stem blooms on shelves or counter spaces. 
  • Hang a bouquet of dried flowers or eucalyptus above the doorway. 
  • Display a large, elegant vase of fern.

DIY Faux Floral Arrangement Tutorial

If you’re ready to enhance modern farmhouse decor, you’ve come to the right place. 

Here are a few simple steps you can take to create beautiful faux floral arrangements that perfectly match your aesthetic. 

Step 1: Pick your design

First, choose the design you’d like to create. Modern farmhouse designs are often simple, with minimalist elements. 

Choose between long and low arrangements, modern bouquets, small potted designs, and hanging decor. 

Step 2: Choose florals 

Because the modern farmhouse aesthetic is the perfect mix of new and old, you can go one of two ways with your floral choices:

  1. Choose sleek, monochromatic blooms like hydrangeas, peonies, or magnolias.
  2. Pick a selection of smaller, vintage-inspired flowers like wildflowers, lavender, freesia, and baby’s breath. 

Usually, we recommend picking one focal flower and a couple of smaller, accent florals to accompany it. But in this case, you’re going to want one or the other. 

Step 3: Add depth with greenery

Another rulebreaker – pick just one or two types of greenery to accent your faux florals. Usually, using three varieties is the rule of thumb for the best depth and texture. 

But with a modern farmhouse design, we’re keeping things sleek and simplistic. Try eucalyptus, dried grasses, or ferns.

Step 4: Finishing touches

Complete your modern farmhouse floral arrangement with a few final touches that can make all the difference. 

Pick a pot or vase that elevates the aesthetic. If you went simple and monochrome with your floral choice, add contrast with a woven or neutral ceramic vase. 

More whimsical flowers can find grounding in a natural stone or marble base. 

Pitcher with flowers - farmhouse decor floral arrangement

Care and Maintenance Tips for Faux Florals

While faux florals require far less maintenance than fresh flowers, there are some ways to extend their lifetime. Here are a few tips for keeping your faux floral designs looking fresh and vibrant for years to come.

  1. Water and faux florals don’t mix! Keep your faux floral arrangements dry and away from humidity. 
  2. Dust your arrangements regularly with a soft, microfiber cloth.
  3. For delicate components, gently remove dust using a small paintbrush. 
  4. Deeper cleans can require a bit of mild, diluted dish soap and a soft cloth. Use sparingly, shake off excess water, then air dry. 
  5. Avoid direct sunlight as it will cause your materials to fade. 
  6. To store your faux floral arrangements, keep them in a cool dry place, wrapped with tissue paper to keep dust away. 

Elevating Modern Farmhouse Decor 

Faux floral arrangements are the best way to enhance your modern farmhouse decor, creating a cohesive, nature-inspired aesthetic from room to room. 

If you’re ready to elevate your space, have fun browsing our selection of high-quality faux florals, perfect for modern farmhouse decor!

And if “modern farmhouse” isn’t the design style of your dreams, we encourage you to explore even more faux floral options to find the right fit for your home. 

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